Options Implementation

Drive On Street is a highly flexible, scalable and easily implementable solution.
There are many optional solutions that, thanks to the iPhone and iPad technology, can speed up and optimize the operators’ work processes at all stages.
Thanks to the exploitation of the latest technologies in data reading and transmission, it is possible to read the Barcodes and/or QrCodes of the delivering materials, to send the receipt to the head office or to print it and deliver it as digitally-signed receipt.
This is possible thanks to the integration that Drive On Street allows between the different tailor-made applications and the iPhone and iPad devices.
"Compared to inflexibility of competing solutions, Drive On Street allows the maximum customization and presents an unrivaled integrability within the company’s systems and mechanisms":

  • Complete management of the delivery cycle, thanks to the ability to read Barcodes and QrCodes.
  • Functionalities including Sales Force Automation.
  • Ability to print the documents concerning le deliveries and/or the orders directly at the customer’s office.
  • Implementation of advanced reports concerning the company’s vehicles (speed, fuel consumption, distances, coupons, etc.).
  • Abilities to send e-mail, sign digitally and use of already developed applications.

The uniqueness of Drive On Street will improve the work of users, reducing operating costs and optimizing work times