iPad User

The operation center sends the tasks to the users in the geographic area through the Web. The users receive the message on their iPhone and iPad devices and, depending on their availability at that moment, can accept, start or refuse the mission.
If the user accepts the mission and starts it, the operation center can control in real-time on the screen the user location, the route to cover, and the times of the mission.
The user can exploits all the advanced features of the application of the iPad, and integrate them with the innovative iPad functions:

  • Receiving notification of a new assigned mission and two-way communication with the operation center (chat)
  • Receiving redundant notification on the mobile phone
  • Report of the operator’s state (available, off duty, on duty, mission in progress)
  • Display of the assigned missions list and of the past missions, with time details and paths
  • Acceptance of the mission and non-stop bidirectional communication (progress and updates)
  • Automatic start of the path on the iPad’s navigation system
  • Thanks to Street View you have the possibility to provide more and more precise information about the mission’s location (the building where the mission takes place)
  • Display of the traffic situation along the mission’s route and possibility to recalculate the path with different parameters