The operator receives all the missions/tasks assignments on his iPad. By accepting the mission, the device shows the path to follow, all the necessary information, the traffic news and the satellite navigation starts automatically.
  • Receipt of the notification for a new mission assignment on the iPad and two-way communication.
  • Reporting to the operation center of the operator’s state (available, on duty, off duty, coming back)
  • Display of the list of the assigned missions, with time details
  • Automatic start of the integrated satellite navigation system
The operator receives in real-time a message from the operation center to assign the task. The message includes all the necessary information about the mission. Thanks to the notification the user can receive and accept the missions/tasks even when he is away from his vehicle or iPad, by using his iPhone.
  • Maximum traceability of the operator
  • Secure receipt of the notification and secure task assignment
  • Integrability with other business instruments
  • Bidirectional communication between the user and the operation center
The Drive On Street web application allows users to have the complete management of the vehicles in the geographic area and to assign missions and tasks simply by accessing the web, without having to install any additional software.
  • Tasks assignment in real-time
  • Searching on the map of the closest vehicle for the mission
  • Display of the moving vehicles on the map
  • Route check and road traffic conditions
Drive On Street allows the development of custom-made and dedicated applications, and the reading and management of QRCodes and Barcodes.

This feature allows the reading of the code with the camera on the iPad or iPhone, enabling the real-time transmission of information to the head office, the direct printing of the bill / form or the sending via email of these documents.

Latest news

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We are the protagonists of Gulliver, by watching the programme you will discover how we create the Apps, the softwares that we use more and more with our tablet and spartphones

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Swisscom publishes at national level an article on Dri...11-07-2011

Swisscom has published an exclusive article concerning Drive On Street and its potential.
The dissemination at national level make us really proud of our solution!

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Solotablet, the most important website dedicated to the tablet world, has published an interview on our solution Drive On Street.

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Technical news

Drive On Street SPEAKS!28-10-2011

Now On Street SPEAKS! Yes, that’s right, thanks to the speech synthesizer Drive On Street is now able to show the missions’ locations and to explain the missions’s changes, and is also able to read the chat messages.

TWO communication channels25-10-2011

Thanks to a proprietary system, Drive On Street has now TWO bidirectional communication channels, and can 100% guarantee the delivery of tasks and messages.

iPhone version: FULL and LIGHT15-10-2011

Drive On Street is available also for the iPhone, in two different versions: Full and Light! You can find all the information in the dedicated area!

Aks for a demo01-10-2011

Ask for a demo, we will come in your office to show you Drive On Street and all its potential! Discover our solution!